4th Time’s The Charm.

I mentioned a while back that our 6 month old Samsung Smart TV decided that working wasn’t on its list of things to do anymore. We has perfect sound, but no picture.

So, while I was at work, hopped on the online chat support for Samsung (ALWAYS use chat support if its available.) The support representative put me through some troubleshooting steps, which I relayed across the interwebz to my wife at home. When none of these steps worked, the online chat guy referred me to another web site where I could create a service ticket.

I go to the site and for the second time, inform Samsung of the issue we’re having. I submit the ticket….and wait.

A few days later, a phone call comes from Samsung. I return the call, and rather than send someone to fix it, the tech on the phone has me explain the problem AGAIN, and go through the troubleshooting steps AGAIN. Since I not only work in technical support for a living, but had already done this stuff, I laid on the floor of the living room staring at the ceiling, pretending to go through all the nonsense he was telling me to do.

At the end, satisfied that the damn thing is really broken, he became helpful and set up a service appointment. Er. No. Wait. He didn’t.

He told me to expect a phone call from a service center which would set up an appointment.

Last friday, my wife takes a call from Samsung to set up a time to set up an appointment. (Literally, that) They said someone would call us Tuesday of this week to set something up, since they were busy and Monday was a holiday.

Tuesday comes and goes. Wednesday comes and goes. Thursday, (yesterday) I got a voicemail from Samsung with a reference number. I planned to call them back this morning.

Before I did today, I checked my email and there’s a message from them. “Your service ticket has been cancelled.” Consumed with an ire whose heat rivaled molten lead, I called them again to find out exactly how they managed to magically fix my TV without ever coming to the house.

I would like to apologize to the poor phone guy who I got this morning, as I was a smidgen less than cordial to him…especially after he asked me to describe the problem with the TV….AGAIN. I informed him this was the fourth time I’d been through this, and the problem hadn’t changed. I may have also been searching Google for a way to summon a being from the underworld to consume everything Samsung in the entire galaxy. (Get it?)

Cyberdemon. PERFECT.

“Okay, expect a call from the dispatch center by Monday.”

So, here we are. Waiting. Again.

I know nothing.


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