How Being Mildly Annoyed Will Cost Me $200.

This morning started like any other day. We got up at 6:30 and my wife started getting The Narrator ready for school while I took a shower and puttered about for a bit. After the boy was ready for the bus, I went into the kitchen and found my wife had taken out several pans from the dish washer that I had loaded in last night, and was washing them by hand.

“Why did you take those out, I loaded them last night?”
“I took them out to make room for other things. I’m washing them now.”
“Why didn’t you just turn on the machine and wash them?”
“I can wash them now.”

….that was literally the extent of the conversation, but I became annoyed. She’s been busy with her shop work, so I thought I’d clean the kitchen up a bit last night by loading the dish washer. Now, at 7am, I’m feeling like that was all wrong, since she was undoing what I’d done. I got a little grumpy. (Lack of sleep, no coffee, who knows. It was a stupid reason to get annoyed, I even knew it at the time.)

As a result, rather than stick around and make coffee, I kissed everyone goodbye and rather than drive right to work, I drove left into town to buy a cup of coffee.

….and hit a rock in the middle of the road.

Said rock flattened my tire. Actually, no. It bent the rim of the car, which flattened the tire. I made a few phone calls this morning for a replacement, and found out that a USED one will cost me anywhere between $100 and $200 bucks.

Kids, being annoyed, angry, miffed, or pissed over stupid crap simply isn’t worth it. You may end up paying for it. Literally. So essentially, keep calm and cut the bullshit.

This Friday’s got one hell of a Monday vibe to it.


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