My Take on the Starbucks Thing.

People are extremely angry about Starbucks ditching Christmas themed cups this year. Its a war on Christmas.  Its a war on Jesus.
As insulting as Starbucks has been towards coffee drinkers, I’m not surprised. Seriously. HOW much for coffee thay barely tops gas-station grade?

Honestly though, the idea that you can be ticked off about something you’re going to throw straight in the garbage is appalling. 

“My garbage needs to be festive and appreciate Christmas damn it.”

You can’t be mad at the symbolism of removing such designs from a coffee cup, yet ignore the symbolism of actively tossing Christmas themed cups in with poopy diapers and rotten potato peels.

This entire thing is incredibly silly, and Where I really try to avoid opinion pieces here, I have no problem saying this because….. seriously. 


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