Short-Timer’s Syndrome

I’ve got it bad.

Tomorrow afternoon I walk out of the IT job and hopefully sever my financial dependency on computers and computer problems forever. I wake up at 5am on Thursday morning and report to what turned into my dream job. I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have landed said job.

Couple the fact that I have a total of 12 hours left of work to go at this job, with the dastardly head cold I’ve picked up from somewhere….and I’m lucky I mustered the energy to even show up today.

But I did. For two reasons.

The first is that I’m working with a state auditor who over the last week or so has been wreaking havoc in the little school I work in. We’re tracking down computers and equipment from various lists of random equipment he asks for, I’ve had to walk him through our various security and monitoring protocols, you name it, he’s tested us on it. He’s a nice guy with a sense of humor- which is an oddity in the world of state auditors- but because of the TIMING which he’s coming at me with all of this, I’ve found myself wishing things upon him like sudden and expensive vehicular troubles. The poor guy doesn’t deserve my disdain, he’s only doing his job. Problem is that he’s doing HIS job at exactly the time where I don’t particularly want to do MINE….and I know that sounds terrible. I won’t couch it or try to justify it. It’s awful. I know.

The second reason I showed up today, and will tomorrow- is because nobody who has ever worked in IT has complained about it as much as I have…and not meant it. You see, the school where I work is FULL of people that I absolutely adore. They’re friendly, they’re kind, they bake things for the IT people….

I’ve become friendly with a number of them to the point where we don’t have so much of a ‘client-computer guy’ relationship, but something a little more personal. Truth is, I’ll miss some of them, and I’ve always liked working at this location. I’ve had clients in the past that I couldn’t wait to leave.

The absolute truth of the matter is that while I don’t particularly care for IT work, the people I do it for and with are special to me. My boss taught me everything I know. He gave me a job when I needed it, and hired me back after a layoff and restructuring. He kept me on part time when I tried to leave IT the first time but couldn’t make ends meet with my first law enforcement job, and has provided me with excellent references, even knowing I’m planning on leaving him.

So, I’m here. I’m also trying to get some work done. It’s not easy, battling short-timer’s syndrome as well as this damn cold that chose the worst possible time to crop up. I think I’m starting to lose my voice, which isn’t great. Who shows up to their first day on a police job with no voice?








One thought on “Short-Timer’s Syndrome

  1. You’ll do just fine at your new job, and props for sticking with the last bit of your old one. I know many would say fuck it to those last two days.

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