Mission Accomplished: Goal Attained.

My tapering post count of late can be accounted for by the fact that- after three months of nail-biting, pessimism, and waiting, I’ve finally started the new job!
My mornings are starting with 5am wakeups so I can make pre-shift briefing by 6:45. By the time everything is all said and done, I’m home by 4pm. This isn’t my permanent schedule, I switch to overnights in a couple of weeks, but for now I need to get the layout of the campus, and learn what I can of the community.

Things are moving very slowly, I’m not officially paired with a training officer, so I kind of ghost between administrative tasks like range qualification and some more HR paperwork, and tooling around for a short period of time with the on-duty officer. The bulk of my day yesterday was reading the policy and procedures manual they had, and getting fitted for some hand-me-down uniforms while I wait for a proper fitting.

The day-shift officers are old-timers, and they’re really not very interested in showing ‘the rookie’ (me) the ropes. I totally understand that. They have their ways and their routines, and I need to learn mine. My tagging along with them like a puppy is a t the very least- a minor annoyance.
I was told point-blank by one of them “It isn’t anything personal, but this is how it is.” I know he’s right, it isn’t personal, but at the same time, I’m chomping at the bit to get GOING.

In spite of the trepidation of taking a FNG (F*ing New Guy) into the fold, everyone’s been incredibly nice. The Chief knows his business while being incredibly personable. First impression is that he’s going to be an excellent leader as well as effective boss.

All of the office personnel are helpful and friendly, and everyone’s got advice for me, and as an added bonus, the dining hall is spectacular. There’s a sushi section where a young man makes everything in front of you, and their specials go above and beyond the cheeseburgers I used to cook in my dining hall.

I’m in the process of adjusting to not only the work and location, but the schedule too, which I shouldn’t because it’s going to change again very soon. As a result of all this, my little blog has taken a bit of a back seat for a while. I know I’ll be back in action on a regular basis again, but my focus must remain on learning everything I can about this job before I’m kicked loose and start working on my own.

Psychologically, I’m in a good place. I am 32 years old. I’ve been out of college for over a decade. For the very first time since then, I’m not working a job that I’ll be looking to leave any time soon, with eyes always on the ‘greener pasture.’

If I don’t screw this up, it doesn’t get any greener than where I’ve landed.

I’ll be around, though for a while things might be a bit slow from AD as I get acclimated and learn how to be a cop again after four months as a civilian. I need you all to keep on your games though so I have something to read while I’m sitting in the ready room waiting for someone to decide what to do with their new jack.






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