Quick Check-In

Good morning readers, I hope the Thanksgiving holiday found you all well, and that if you’re actively heading into the kill-zone that is black-friday shopping, you stay safe.

We didn’t end up skipping Thanksgiving as I thought we might have been forced to. I did work for the day, but as soon as I got home we went to my family’s house for a late dinner.

The job itself is going well so far. Granted, I’m six days into it and still working through a lot of the administrative stuff at the moment, not really doing a lot of actual police work yet. Still, it’s keeping me busy enough that when I get home in the afternoon, I’m beat.

I’ll be switching to night shifts soon, so I’m trying not to get too used to the early morning wakeups, which come at 5am. 4:30 if I want a shower.

Our brief financial worries have been put to rest too. With the lag pay schedule of the new job, it is going to be a month after my start date before I saw a paycheck. What I didn’t realize, was that the old IT job was ALSO on a lag pay schedule, so the gap has been filled, and the financial transition between jobs is going to be fairly seamless…that’s helped me fall asleep easier.

Adjusting to the new job will take a bit of time, especially as I’m not fully sure what the schedule will be, so I’m trying to delicately balance work, home, and now the added holiday commitments until things iron out and I can get into a firm groove. Still, I don’t mind a rocky transition, especially since this job has been called “One of the best law enforcement jobs in the state.” Since I was lucky enough to land here, I’m going to hold on tight as hell while the whole thing undulates and twists and we get used to each other.

We had parent teacher conferences for The Narrator the other day, and found out that he’s reading at an impressive level for his age. They use some lettering scale that goes from A-Z, and determines that by the end of first grade, kids need to be reading at level ‘J.’ Right now, they’re supposed to be around E or F. The Narrator is already reading at ‘I.’ He’s doing exceptionally well, and we’re incredibly proud of him and what he’s doing in school.

Mini-Me is having some backsliding issues with his potty training. Nothing serious, but he’s getting into the habit of holding things in if he’s doing something interesting, and not telling us he has to use the bathroom until it is a little too late. We’re working on that. As quickly as both boys potty trained, this little bump in the road isn’t too bad.

By and large dear readers….I’m exhausted. Sliding into a new job at the exact same time that the stresses of the Holiday season start to blossom, and waking up at 4:30 or 5am…I’m exhausted.

But I am incredibly happy. This job is going to pave the way for us to grow as a family. My wife is already getting the idea that we’re going to buy a house soon, and she’s learning all the little nuances of first-time home buying.

So if this is going to work out, and everything is going to look up for us in the long run because I’m tired now? I’ll take it. Happily.





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