Small Business Saturday

As great as Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. are for easy accessibility of gift ideas and such, there’s something awesome about supporting small businesses.

Local mom-and-pop stores on your main street that have taken a beating from the big-box store that opened down the road support families, and need our patronage too.

Its one of the reasons that I love when my wife finds things on Etsy, and why I do the bulk of my gift shopping for her there. Handmade items that someone put time and effort into, that wasn’t punched out of a massive press in some factory in China or Taiwan.

There’s a lady we buy candles from there, who puts Yankee to shame.
Kittredge Candles  is one of my favorite things in the world. Small businesses and shops like this are treasures that get buried under the shifting sands of corporate dunes.

Charmsoffaith is another one. I’ve ordered items from this shop a few times, each one becoming treasured, and every one of extremely great quality.

Of course, I also want to make mention of my wife’s shop, QuarterLifeLuck – handmade stuffed pillows and toys, each one made upon order right in our living room. My wife puts in an amazing amount of work on her orders, all on top of making sure she’s the greatest mother in the world.

These three shops are a mere taste of what’s out there that are being run by you-and-me type people. They juggle families, full time jobs, and the honor of running a business that puts money into the pockets of local employees, or their own families instead of some tycoon whose relationship with reality is so far removed, it hardly exists at all.

Small Business Saturday is a magnificent thing. Just a few days after everyone gets done bludgeoning each other to near-death over electronics in a major retailer, we can stroll down side streets in our own towns, or browse places like Etsy, and find anything we’re looking for, and more.

Support your small businesses today, and every day you have the opportunity to do so. You’re only helping your neighbors.

If YOU have a small business you’d like to support, don’t hesitate to link it in the comments below. My web following is modest at best- but all press is good press right? Happy hunting, happy shopping, and Happy Holidays.


-Back to my usual shennagins tomorrow, I promise. So very much to talk about in AD’s world.




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