Santa Watch, 2015

Tonight I had the chance to witness something so amazing, that for a few moments I wasn’t bummed about having to work and missing Christmas Eve with my kids.

I was in the patrol car heading down to an apartment complex to check locks on the doors. All of a sudden, the county-wide radio started with some pretty heavy traffic.

“County 9-1-1 to all stations and home monitors, be advised, Santa has been seen in the area.” Before I a ‘what the hell?’ could register on my lips, the State Trooper on duty a few towns away radios in.

“Confirming Santa sighting, heading towards Delhi.”

Then, sleigh bells. I shit you not, someone was jingling sleigh bells over the radio.

Local town PD chimes in a few moments later.

“County 9-1-1 to Village of Delhi patrol, can you confirm Santa sighting?”

Village responds affirmative, then notifies dispatch that Santa has completed his drop and was seen heading towards the next town.

This continued for a while, until the NORAD Santa Tracker had him leave our area.

Absolutely hilarious, and I’m sure it did wonders for the morale of others who have to work tonight. I know it did for me.

Merry Christmas Readers, and I hope your emergency dispatchers are keeping their eyes open as ours were.



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