Insurance Nightmare

I hope you’re sitting for this one. By the end of the series of events I’m about to describe, I certainly was. Although by ‘sitting’ I mean ‘collapsed in defeat.’

Around two months ago, we took The Narrator to see an ENT doctor. He does this strange moaning in his sleep and has been for some time. When we realized it was something that wasn’t going away on its own, we had him checked out by the ENT who basically….had no idea what it was, and suggested a sleep study. So, we went to the sleep center and were shown around. We learned the procedures and equipment they used, and made an appointment for the night he and my wife would spend there.

Shrewdly, we made the appointment for a day AFTER the 56 day waiting period at my new job was over, and the health insurance kicked in. At the end of December last year, the old insurance ran out, and we didn’t bother to renew it, since the new one was due on the 13th of January.

Fast forward to last week. The 56 day mark comes, then goes. Like a fool, I figured that it was going to take the typical few days for the paperwork to come. 57 days. 58 days, and still no paperwork. Now the sleep study looms and we have no insurance paperwork.

No worries, I’d just call the insurance company, get our membership ID, and give that to the doctor.

(Hang on, this is where it starts to get screwed up.)

-9:00am this morning I called the insurance company. They have no record of my being a member yet. They suggest I call the Civil Service office to make sure that my information had been forwarded.

-I call Civil Service, give them my information….and am told I don’t exist in their system. Apparently, the new employer had NEVER FILED MY ENROLLMENT PAPERWORK!

-Email HR basically asking “Doubleyoo Tee Eff?”

-Filled with rage and urgency, I call the old insurance company, hoping the lapse from when it ran out last December wasn’t too long, and I could simply renew it.

-Insurance company tells me no. I need to reapply for enrollment. Tells me to call New York State of Health.

-Call State of Health. On the phone with them for over an hour. Reapply. Get the boy enrolled in a new insurance program…..with a start date of 3/1…which does me absolutely no good. State of Health tells me to call the insurance company again, see if they can’t adjust the start date to 1/1.

-Call the insurance company. They sound rather confused, tell me that I need to call State of Health back, that THEY were the ones who needed to make the adjustment.

-Call State of Health again. Am told that since this isn’t an emergency procedure, they’re not likely to adjust the start date, but we can check with the Accounts Management people.

By now, with all the holds and wait times, it is 1PM, and I’m getting ready for work. I hand my wife the phone and head off, leaving her on hold. While en route to work, I call the sleep center, and tell them what’s up. They tell me that this is all for naught, since they usually need 24-48 hours for pre-approval from of for the insurance company, and since we’re dealing with a NEW plan, that has to start over. Crash and burn. We need to postpone the appointment, all because someone in Human Resources dropped the ball and never stuck some paper in the mail for me.

I’m now at work, driving around and an email comes through- a response from HR basically saying “Yeah, uh…oops.”…with the added insult to injury of their setting the coverage date for 1/14/16….which it should have been in the first place, but is now too late for the study and appointment to go ahead as planned.

My wife now has to go through and coordinate my screwed up schedule with the openings at the sleep center and find something that jives enough for me to stay home with the little guy while she and The Narrator spend the night there.

Thankfully, she was able to find something in early February, but the two months of psyching up and preparation of the highly-sensitive  for what could be an incredibly stressful procedure for him, culminates in nothing. My poor little guy was actually looking forward to this event- the result of some carefully orchestrated planning and explanations by my wife of the whole thing.

I’m a little grouchy about the whole thing, mostly because when I work, I’m expected to do my job to the best of my ability each and every time. Any slight mishap or deviation from protocol, procedure, or legal process, and my tail is in a sling. I don’t mind that though. Accountability is a good thing. Is it too much to ask though, that we ALL have to answer for the screw ups we make and the problems we cause for others? I guess I feel like it is sometimes.



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