Cosmic Fate or Dumb Luck?

I’m not a very religious man, nor do I put a whole lot of stock in the idea of fate in general. However, sometimes things happen that seem to  a shred of lend credibility to the fatalistic outlook. Either that, or the Universe is getting its jollies by screwing with me.

I spent yesterday ranting and raving about the knuckleheads in our HR department that dropped the ball on mailing in my enrollment for health insurance, which resulted in our having to postpone an overnight sleep study appointment for our son that took two months to make.
Because the appointment was postponed, I had to come in to work. I’d put in for some family sick time so I could be home with our youngest son, but since that wasn’t necessary, I wasn’t going to burn precious time, so I came in to work.

I went to the locker room, got changed, and plunked myself down at the computer in the ready room. In comes the Chief.
“You need to be here at 07:45 tomorrow.”
“Huh? Why?”
“You’re being introduced at the president’s meeting tomorrow. Sorry for the short notice.”

….I could tell he genuinely was too. I’m working a C-Line right now, until 11. It’ll be midnight before I get home, and close to 1 by the time I get to sleep. Then I need to get up, changed, and out the door in time to get back here by 7:45.

In the mixture of emotions between the joy of picking up 4 hours of overtime and the irritation of short notice like this, I came to realize something.

If HR hadn’t screwed up, I’d have been at home with the little guy until tomorrow morning. If they’d have called me at home and said “Get here.” I’d have been up against a wall. But since they DID bone me, my wife isn’t going to the sleep center with our six year old, so I can get back here and look all nice and presentable for the presidential meeting.

Don’t think I’m letting HR off the hook on this one, I’m still greatly annoyed by the whole thing. But couldn’t one make the case that their mistake was orchestrated by a cosmic being or power to enable me to make the meeting tomorrow morning?

No. They can’t. HR screwed up, and I got lucky. That is all.



One thought on “Cosmic Fate or Dumb Luck?

  1. Makes you wonder, though, doesn’t it? I’ve had things like that happen before. They seem like headaches and major screw ups at first. Then something else happens that makes you wonder if that first screw up was for a reason. Still, a screw up is a screw up. Don’t let ’em off easy 🙂

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