A-B-Cs of AD. (Me.)

Two of my favorite blogs to read have done this, so in true internet fashion, I stole the idea. Mostly because there are still four hours left in shift, and nothing’s happening, but also partly because these throwback-to-myspace-type-things are always a little fun.
Now, let’s put late-shift boredom to rest, and see what makes AD tick a bit shall we?

ABCs of Me

A: Age | 32

Closing on 33, but I’m the guy that loses track sometimes. Not because of an early onset of senility, but because I learned that age IS largely just a number. I attended the police academy with ‘kids’ who were 10 years younger than me, and I was able to not only keep up with them, but surpass a few of them in a few areas, while at the same time having a hard time keeping up with the two 36 year old recruits who could run circles around anyone there. Numerically, I’m 32. Physically, I’m a bit younger. Mentally sometimes….a LOT younger.

B: BIGGEST FEAR | Failing.

Cliche as it may sound, I’m the sole provider for a family of four. I’ve had a job eliminated out from under me, I was laid off from another job, and resigned from a third. I finally landed where I want to be, in a job that lets me provide for my wife and kids. To fail now, I have no more backups. I have no ‘Plan B.’ To fail professionally at this point in my life, with so many people I care about depending on me…that’s terrifying. More than anything else.

C: CURRENT TIME | 6:47pm

Er….excuse me. “18:47” as we say at work and on all of our official paperwork. A little over four hours to go before I can go home.

D: DRINK I LAST HAD | Arizona Green Tea.

For some reason, I can’t get enough of the stuff. I was buying it by the can at a buck apiece from the gas station, but then found it in packs of 12 at the grocery store for what amounted to half that price. I now buy in bulk. I save. I’m a grownup.


With my wife so close in second, the difference is almost indistinguishable, and on some days, they’d be interchangeable.


Literally. When I was a little kid, my father was listening to Ravel’s “Bolero” on cassette. I asked him what it was about, and he told me “Anything you want, make up a story in your head.” So I did. My mind painted pictures to fit the song, and my imagination wandered so far from the back seat of the car I was in, that I think part of it stayed out there long after the song was over.

G: GROSSEST MEMORY | Smorgasbord

Oh my. Tough to pick one. Working on an ambulance and as a cop for almost three years now, not to mention having two kids…
However, I think in order to consider my grossest, I have to go back to college. I was an RA (Resident Assistant) and got a call from the new RA on duty that night, pleading for my help. One of the girls in the building had gotten so drunk she had wet herself, vomited, accidentally cut herself so she was bleeding, and had rolled down a hill so she was caked in mud. She was an absolute disaster, and she counts as my grossest because at that point in my life…I wasn’t at all prepared for it. Now…that’d be another day at the office. Then? Awful.

H: HOMETOWN | Maplecrest, NY

You’ve never heard of it. You’ve never ‘driven through there.’ (Mainly because it’s a town on a dead end road) We had two public buildings, and if you didn’t attend the Methodist church, that left you with the post office. Life in “The Hollow” – so called because the main road was “Big Hollow Rd” – was quiet, peaceful, and a fantastic way to grow up. I had rivers and mountains to explore, animals to see and hunt, and a few very close friends to share it all with. I live about 10 minutes from there now, and while I don’t have much reason to go there anymore, occasionally I still do. I’m a nostalgic man.

I: IN LOVE WITH | My Wife, The Boys.

Not just because biology says I have to either. The three of them have kept me grounded when things are going crazy, they were my motivation to succeed and graduate the police academy, my REASON to keep pushing when things fell apart at the last job, and my support when things get sticky. The little ones miss me when I’m gone, and my wife kisses me goodbye every afternoon. The three of them are the living embodiment of ‘love’ to me.

J: JEALOUS OF | Dog Owners.

I grew up with dogs, but there’s no room in our life- or house for one right now, no matter how badly I want one. I remember well what it was like to have a dog (or multiple dogs) in our house as a kid, and they always seemed to complete the entire idea of ‘home’ to me in a way that our two moron cats just can’t do.


But I continue to train for the day where I might have to…and I don’t think I want to say any more than that.


My wife and I have been together for 13 years. Married 8, two great kids. My wife was also my first serious relationship too. There were a few sporadic flings, but I like to consider them as batting practice, and when it came time to actually step up to the plate, I knocked the first pitch out of the park, and retired from the game immediately after.

M: MIDDLE NAME | William.

Family name. My father’s name is William, his brother’s middle name is William, their father was named William, and in turn…My 6 year old’s middle name is William.


A brother and a sister. My brother is an NCO in the Army National Guard, and works as hard if not harder than anyone else I’ve ever known to support him and his wife. I’ve got a ton of respect for him and everything he does, even if I don’t plan on telling him that any time soon.
My sister is more at home with dogs than people, and is a distinguished groomer, as well as agility trainer. She’s also a no-nonsense girl who will tell you where to go and what to do when you get there if she doesn’t like you. Her candor has made for some amazing family gathering moments….like when at 12 she locked horns with an uncle who was being sort of a jerk….and won.

O: ONE WISH | For The Boys…

That I don’t screw this parenting thing up. My wish is for the ability to raise my boys to be good, honest, hardworking men who will earn the successes they find in life while conquering and learning from their failures and challenges.


I had to call her to tell her that Human Resources admitted screwing up our health insurance, but fixed it….too little, too late.


Two kids. Everything is “Why?”

R: REASON TO SMILE | “The Night Begins to Shine”

After a stressful day of phone calls and on-hold messages, my wife sent me a video clip from one of the boys’ cartoons- “Teen Titans Go” where they constantly play song “The Night Begins to Shine” I laugh like an absolute loon whenever it’s on. For some reason I feel like it cartoonifies the entire 80’s decade and is ridiculously funny.


I sing along when it’s on TV, much to the consternation of the boys.
I sang along with it now, while posting it. Much to the confusion of my partner.


For the first time. The three year old had to go to the bathroom, so I took him in. He did his business, and when I put him back in his bed, I fell asleep on the cursed futon in his room until almost 7.


Nothing fancy. Black.


I’d like to see Europe. From the lights and scenes of Paris and London, to the Hallowed locations of Auschwitz and Normandy. I’d like to see the Roman ruins, Stonehenge, the Alps…and everywhere in between.


When I’m doing something absentmindedly, or I’m nervous or bored, I have a tendency to pick at my lip if it’s chapped.


That’s it. In spite of a childhood climbing and falling out of trees, crashing bikes down logging trails, and many, many un-secured roofing jobs, I’ve never broken anything.

Y: YOUR FAVORITE FOOD | The dream…..

A perfectly made Reuben sandwich. Thin-sliced corned beef piled high, plenty of bitter sauerkraut, Russian dressing, and Swiss cheese melted onto toasted rye bread.


Element: Earth

Quality: Fixed

Color: Blue, Pink, Green

Day: Friday, Monday

Ruler: Venus

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Virgo, Capricorn

Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Scorpio

Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 6, 11, 20, 29, 37, 47, 56

Date range: April 20 – May 20

Other than having married a Scorpio and having it work out marvelously….I don’t know about any of the rest of what anyone has to say about Taurus. Some people say we’re stubborn, but we’re not dammit, and I’ll fight you over that. (Never mind.)
So….there’s me boiled down to the basic A-B-Cs. Thanks for watching, Goodnight.

2 thoughts on “A-B-Cs of AD. (Me.)

  1. “But I continue to train for the day where I might have to…”
    This is an excellent idea: spending your life training yourself in a set of very specific skills in case you have to kill someone one day. I shall start immediately.

    This was fun, by the way 🙂

    • Haha, that isnt QUITE what I meant. My career in law enforcement exposes me to all kinds of threat mitigation training. Active Shooter training, for example, teaches us how to quickly locate and terminate a threat to life safety, and given the current world climate, that sort of training is becoming more common.
      However- I shant judge your new hobby, should you decide to pursue it! Thanks for the read!

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