Greetings From 5am.

Good morning. I’m writing from a work terminal. The time is currently 5:17am. The other overnight guy, who is on a 5pm-5am shift, just left. The shift supervisor is in his office, doing….supervisory things. Probably. He may be asleep. I don’t know.

I’m clock-watching for another hour. The day-shift worker comes in at 6:30am. Technically I can’t leave until 7, but his arrival signals the end of my tour, and that’s enough to make me happy.

We’re still getting used to the new schedule here at work. I’m on the red-eye, 7pm-7am. 12 hours of “anything can happen.” Most of our action happens just before and around midnight. By 2am, things slow down a little. By 4am, everyone but your hardcore morons are asleep.
It won’t take long before my brain and body adapt to my new shift, but until it does, I’m surviving on a steady, copious stream of coffee, five-hour energy drinks, and Arizona’s green tea.

I’m trying to work out the chemical balance of sugar and caffeine which shall allow me to stay awake long enough to get home alive, but not so long as to keep me awake when I should be going to sleep.

A typical night (day? I can’t differentiate anymore) will see me get home around 8am. I’ll plop into bed as soon as humanly possible, and sleep anywhere from 4-6 hours. During those daytime-sleep hours my wife needs to attend to her daily routine, fill orders for her shop, and keep the kid(s) quiet.

As difficult as all that might seem, she’s not only pulling it off swimmingly, but is amazingly patient with the whole thing. She’s gone and bought blackout curtains for the bedroom, and a body pillow that we share. She’s encouraging me to KEEP the weird sleep schedule on my off days so that I can get used to everything. Unfortunately for us, that means us sleeping in the same bed at the same time is going to be pretty rare an occurrence. Hence the body pillow. When you’ve shared a bed with someone for 8 years, sleeping alone is very uncomfortable. So, we share the pillow. I told her it needed to smell like her for me to get any sleep, which might SOUND sweet at first, but when you consider that I told her to “Rub your scent glands on it” – I killed that completely.

Testament to her awesomeness though, she’s seeing the brighter side of all this, and continues to be supportive of me throughout all of this. Not to mention, she’s busting her adorable rear end at growing her etsy shop, and is succeeding. January proved to be her most profitable month, and February is on pace to be busy as well. I really don’t know how the lady does it.

So that’s where we are now. AD’s in the midst of some massive changes, none of which are bad, but all of which are pretty earth-shaking. As a result, the frequency and content of my posting has suffered, for that I apologize. I picked up a number of new readers in the last few months for some reason, and I hate to be the guy that shows his gratitude by ignoring those who would read my words.

The time is now 5:47am. Quitting time approaches. Slowly, but it approaches. I’ve got a small window to wrap up some paperwork, make another quick patrol around the place, and get the hell out of here. So, I think I’ll do exactly that. I have an update of substance planned for tomorrow. But for now….

May your coffee be hot and plentiful, and may the day be kind to you.






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