A long time ago, although in this very galaxy- I posted an introduction to our two boys. Quite some time has passed since that post, and for some strange reason, I have picked up a number of readers since, who may yet need to be acquainted with them. So, in an effort to quell any confusion, I am going to reintroduce the boys.

First is our six year old. Four when I started this, I dubbed him “The Narrator.” Loquacious to no end, he has a habit of not only thinking out loud, but actively ‘narrating’ everything he sees from time to time. TV shows are his favorite, and whenever something funny happens on screen, he immediately goes into replay mode, and will tell everyone around him what he just saw, even if we happened to be watching it WITH him. Amusing at first, this has begun to drive me up a wall, since when he does it, I am forced to hush him, then backtrack and tell him what he missed while he was talking. We usually end up missing anywhere between 1/3 and 7/8ths of any given show we’re watching because of unnecessary narration and backwards explanation. He’s also an avid reader, one of the top in his first grade class, and continues to make the weekly ‘challenge group’ for his spelling words. He does extremely well in school, and is clever beyond his years. We have a ton of fun together, even though sometimes he can drive me absolutely bonkers.

Then we have the three year old. Originally just over one year of age at the time I created this blog, I called him ‘Mini-Me’ because he looked just like a tiny little version of me. Well, he’s rapidly growing into his own personality and face, so he deserves a new nickname. Properly befitting his character, I shall henceforth be referring to him as “The Destroyer.”
He’s got an appalling habit of taking things apart, dismantling things, breaking things, and genuinely sewing discord wherever he goes. A dangerously precocious three, he’s got the nimbleness and slyness of a ferret, and thus needs constant supervision.
His favorite things to destroy are his brother’s LEGO creations. He’ll usually wait until The Narrator goes to school before he unleashes a destructive power that makes a typhoon look like a swirling bathtub drain. He’ll immediately render a “So-wee daddy!” in a tiny little voice that makes admonishing him difficult.
He’s also extremely creative and thoughtful in his destruction too. (That’s a nice way of saying it’s usually deliberate.) For example, the other day, we were watching the movie “Planes” – and the scene where one of the bad guys snaps off Dusty’s radio antenna really struck him. He immediately dumped out one of the play buckets, fished out the die-cast Dusty plane, and proceeded to snap off the radio antenna on the toy, so it could match dusty in the movie. Then, when the movie saw the antenna fixed, he brought me the toy and asked me to fix it.

Cute no?

So, there we are. The Narrator, and The Destroyer. Six and three years old, the center of my world, and the reasons for every one of my gray hairs. Stick around for tales of adventure and mayhem, such as this little exchange I had with The Destroyer today:

“Daddy? What’s a ‘Saltie?'”
“It’s a type of crocodile.”
“Oh. Daddy?”
“Is a ‘Saltie’ a type of crocodile?”

Parenting is glamor, and I appreciate your riding along as I try to make the trip in one piece.



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