Worst Night in a Long Time.

Its 4am right now. Im not at work, but I am awake, which is bad.
Worse, my wife called a little while ago. She and The Narrator were an hour away tonight for a sleep study to figure out what’s causing some of his sleep issues.
He was supposed to be there until 6am, but woke up vomiting,  and they’re on their way home, my wife driving,  with less than two hours of sleep.

Actually,  theyre KIND of on the way home. My wife’s sense of direction is not great, and she hates the GPS enough to have never bothered learning how to use it.

So I got another message from her wanting my help to get home. I told her to hit the ‘go home’ button on the GPS, but she rejected that since it wanted to send her on back roads instead of the highway,  and at 4am, she didnt want to do that. I talked her to an address I knew was near the highway access and hoped she’d figure it out from there.

Back to me, I haven’t slept a wink. My overnight schedule has seen to that, even if today is technically a day off. Not to mention Im worried about a lost wife and sick kid. To add to that, I was mandated for 5 hours of OT tomorrow (today) afternoon.  If I dont get a nap in, I could end up being awake for 33 hours before I get a chance to sleep again.

Oh…and my in-laws are coming to visit this weekend. No rest for the wicked I suppose.

Well, back to worrying, waiting, infomercials,  and call-girl commercials. 


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