The ‘Splashy’ Cough

Well, we survived yesterday. My wife made the 4am drive home with a barfing six year old, I made it through a five hour over time shift, most of which was outside in the coldest temperatures we’ve had all winter. 

I got home around eleven, and my exhausted wife and I went immediately to bed. We had the opportunity to sleep in the same bed at the same time for the first time in almost two weeks. We were blissfully asleep in mere moments. 

Around 4, I awoke to the sound of The Narrator coughing a little. It wasn’t a normal cough though. It had a ‘wet’ quality to it. A REALLY wet quality.  Like….splashing wet.


Leaping from bed with an urgency I usually reserve for ambulance calls, I made it to his room to find him sitting up in bed, over a chunky puddle in the middle of his sheets, not quite done yet either.

My wife arrived on scene a moment later, and decontamination began on the poor kid.

A half an hour later, he is asleep right where I should be, with my wife next to him in a two-fold effort to get some more sleep herself, and comfort the kid as needed.

Me? Here I am. With an ancient movie on TV, some sort of large nocturnal rodent crawling around in the attic crawl space,  and you.

I’m awake, and in in one hour, on ambulance call. No rest for the weary-  or anyone, it feels like sometimes. 


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