Friends, Neighbors, Relatives- a Plea

Stop trying to sell me your latest and greatest “work from home be your own boss, make a billion dollars, get healthier and reap massive rewards” health/diet products.

Am I the only person who doesnt sell or get involved in these pyramid-type schemes to sell what could be sham health fads to other people?

Within the last year,  my old college roommate, his wife, my cousin, and a co-worker have tried to get me into several different programs where I not only buy crap from them, but I sell it to others.

I don’t care if someone wants to get healthy, or what gimmick they want to try to attain that goal….but quit trying to pitch it to me. Even my partner at work made a pass at me before I immediately shut it down. I’m 32 years old. I’ve seen these things come and go, each plan, scam, and sham having been greater and more exciting than the last.  Belly wraps, fortified shakes, drinks,  and supplements, all come and gone.

The worst part though, is that after shelling out my dollars on whatever nonsense you’re peddling,  I’d be expected to annoy my friends and neighbors in order to turn a profit. 

Sorry. Any job or plan or whatever where there’s a direct correlation between how much money I make and how big a pain in the ass I am…isn’t for me. Step back and look at the people who are supposedly making real money off these things. Odds are they haven’t been invited to any parties lately.

Apologies if I offended anyone with this, but I’ve really begun to get irritated with these health-based pyramid schemes.


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