A Soft Return

It’s been a little over two weeks since my last post. That could stand as the longest run I’ve gone without a post since the inception of this blog. For those of you that faithfully read me, you have my apologies. Most of the time I’m spending not at work, I’m asleep. We’ve been busy at work too, so I haven’t had much time to log into a work machine and do an update.

There’s so very much going on in the world around me that I had a tough time picking material for my return post. Work is going well, the boys are doing great, the world of politics is equal parts hilarious and depressing, and what teensy bit of winter we’ve had this year is going away.

Rather than touch on any of that right now though, I’m going to settle for a soft return. An apology for the lack of content, and assurance that I’m still READING your work, since the WordPress mobile app keeps you all at my fingertips at any given time- even if updating on that stupid touch-keyboard is a pain in the neck.

On a personal front, my wife and I have started to formulate a five year plan that includes buying a house. My job is paying enough that we’re keeping ourselves afloat, and her shop has grown enough in the last few months that we’re starting to build up a savings account that we can designate pretty much as the ‘down payment account.’

My commute is a little less than an hour long to work, so there’s a minor debate as to whether or not we should move closer to work where the homes are more moderately priced, or staying where we are- which will necessitate paying a lot more for a home, but would allow us to keep the boys in a school district that is not only familiar, but apparently effective. I think we’ll end up staying, but nothing is carved in stone yet.

On a brief professional front, I’ve pretty much settled into the new job by now. I’m still making mistakes, but they’re mostly minor procedural errors. It’s nice having a supervisor and experienced co-workers around me to work with rather than being left to my own devices for an entire shift like I was at the old place- which usually led to some serious monday-morning quarterbacking that never ended in my favor. The short of it is, I love it where I am. The work, the place, and the people very much make my commute worth it.

I’ve got a day trip planned with the boys on Saturday, there’s a railroad museum about three hours away that I think they’ll enjoy. We’re fresh off of coming from a model train and hobby show with my father last weekend, and the weather is getting warm, so it’s time to do something outside.

Here’s a picture from that trip, one I took from a rather extensive and impressive layout one of the presenters had on the floor- as a side note, we got new cell phones, and I LOVE the camera on the Galaxy S7 edge.

That’ll do for me for now. Feels good to be back.


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