The Narrator’s school nurse called us a few weeks ago, and recommended that we have his vision checked, she thought he was having some trouble with the vision being blurry in his left eye.

We set up an appointment with what turned out to be an amazing optician in the area, and last Friday I dropped my wife and the boys off for the eye exam while I did some “Easter Bunny Stuff” (Read: Buy candy)

Luckily the store was literally right next to the optician, so I was able to get back to them when my errands were done, long before they were ready to leave.

We had been a little worried about The Narrator. Not because of his vision, but because of how he would react IF he needed glasses. Again, being a highly sensitive child, things have a tendency to effect him deeply at any given time.

I walked into the doctor’s office and was met by my family, and the doctor. The doctor stood, shook my hand, and told me “You have a nearsighted son.”

There was literally no surprise there. Both my wife and I wear glasses, as does the bulk of both of our families. This was going to happen sooner or later. As I talked to the doctor, I noticed my son, happily browsing through a rack of frames.

Turns out, not only was he NOT upset about having to get glasses, but he was MORE upset that he wouldn’t be able to take them home immediately, that he’d have to wait for the lenses to be cut.

He sulked for a long while about having to wait for his glasses. But I was willing to deal with the sulking, since he had been extremely good with the doctor, the exam, and the idea that he would be wearing glasses from now on. (for distance)

Since he did such a great job, I promised him we’d take a little trip the following day to see some old steam locomotives. He liked that, and the tears dried up. The next morning, we packed the car, and took a day trip to Steamtown National Historic Site. More on that later though.

Sometime this week, our oldest son will pick up his glasses, and join the world of the visually challenged. And he seems more than ready for it.






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