4:30am Coffee

I never was a morning person. Given the choice I’d have always opted to stay up late as opposed to getting up early.

Things get a little mixed up when you work overnights though. In essence, I’m staying up late enough that I’m awake early. I’ve begun to grow a little more fond of the morning.

This is particularly so on days such as this. The campus is quiet, the calls have slowed to the point of being non-existent, and even the radio traffic from the surrounding agencies has tapered off. The only sound as I sit in an empty parking lot overlooking my jurisdiction is the soft hum of the patrol car’s engine. Occasionally a gust of wind blows in through the open window, but mostly, it is quiet. Peaceful.

Mornings seem to offer a chance to pause, think, reflect, and ponder that no late night ever could.

Sitting next to me tonight isn’t a partner. Not a human one at least. No, tonight is one of those nights where I work alone for a while. Instead, I have a large, mostly empty by now, cup of coffee.

I am not able to sit on a dock overlooking a glass-smooth lake and watch the sun come up. Nor can I usher in the morning aside a newly awakened campfire outside a tent somewhere. I can though, enjoy a cup of coffee in silence, just as easily as if I WERE on a dock or in a tent somewhere. The universal comfort that is the first cup of morning coffee isn’t particular about where it is enjoyed, nor is its pleasure diminished even an iota by the fact that I am still hours away from getting to bed, and instead of pajama pants and slippers, I sport a uniform and body armor.

The thing is, I’m not having coffee right now because I need it. I’m drinking it because it is nice to have while I sit and relax a bit. I’d rather moments like this than to sit with a cold beer while the light of day wanes.

Even if said coffee is poorly brewed from a gas station, and has a tendency to roil the stomach shortly after consumption.

No thing is perfect, close though it may be.

Good morning all. May your morning be as peaceful, and your coffee be as hot and satisfying as mine.


2 thoughts on “4:30am Coffee

  1. I used to work a few overnight shifts on dispatch at a college campus, and the time between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. was usually quiet during the week. Between monitoring campus doors and cameras, I read articles online to keep myself awake. I worked with an old cop, and regarding working outside of a big city, he said it best: “Being a cop is 97% boredom and 3% being scared to death.”

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