New High Score.

Working overnights, sitting sedentary for hours on end, having access only to crappy food, and sleeping through the daytime hours when one usually does things- has begun to catch up with me in the health department.

I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been.

I won’t dwell on it too much, since it’s reversible. Instead I’m focusing on HOW to reverse it.

For starters, water. Dear God….water. it turns out, hydrating with coffee through 12 hour shifts is a lousy idea. I’ve been habitually neglecting hydration, which is bad. Really bad. I’d get home from work, pee dark yellow, and wake from my slumber with dehydration headaches.

Yeah. Not smart.

I’ve already fixed that. I consumed 80oz of water in 14 hours yesterday, and have a water bottle on me constantly now.

Next step: diet. Skipping gas station fare on my shift isn’t going to be easy, but it is necessary. Done need to be the days where slow shifts see me bored-eat a whole bag of combos. I’ve always been a fan of fruit and nuts, so these will become my snack food. I’m not delving into the cult-like cleanses and crash diets, but I am changing what I consume.

Final step: 0600 tomorrow, I run again. My goal by the end of the summer is to run the 7 miles to my parents place without dying. Or stopping. Or dying.

This step will be the most difficult. A lot of health nuts and exercise psychotic love to claim that you can always find time to exercise, you just seek excuses NOT to.
My suspicion is that these annoyingly motivated individuals don’t work a schedule that severely screws with sleep, family, and personal times. Finding time to do anything but work and sleep is not easy. But necessary.

So. There it is. AD is in terrible shape. I admit it, I own it, and I need to fix it. Stay tuned, and follow me as I undertake a journey to lose (data removed) pounds and get back to my Academy weight and form.
I don’t ask you to come along with me for support, but in case I need someone to follow behind me in a car and force me to run more.

Here goes.


2 thoughts on “New High Score.

  1. Get a treadmill. Use it for 5or 10 minutes several times a day. My husband did and lost 50 lbs, got off most of his diabetes medicine. And never go into a convenience store when you are hungry or bored.

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