Time Again.

Greetings! I’m still alive, and hopefully back from my extended break from blogging for a while. My absence wasn’t by choice, but was necessary in the face of my work and life schedule. The last few weeks were the end of the academic semester at the college I work at, and business was booming. For some reason, rather than have the mischief and mayhem taper off as finals week approach, it seemed to ramp up as the end drew near.

Now though, commencement has ended and everyone’s gone home. For the next three months, the college is host to a skeleton crew of humanity during the day, and at night the only people here are those of us in the police department.

So, we’ve got a little bit of time to breathe for a few weeks, and I have a lot of catching up to do. A lot of my favorite blogs have gone weeks without my having read anything at all.

The summer time promises a lot of fun, not at work so much, but at home. For the first time in my entire professional career, I am able to take paid vacation. I’m thirty three years old and have never used or even had paid vacation time. I’ve either not worked long enough at a job to get it, or worked at jobs that didn’t offer it. Now that I’m in what I think will be my ‘forever home’ as far as work goes, it’s there, and I plan on using it.
Atop the vacation time, I’ll be home a lot more while my oldest son is on summer break. That means hikes, camping, day trips, fishing, and a whole lot of mischief of our own.

More good news, I got through my first evaluation as a probationary officer here- and I seemed to have passed it with flying colors. “Satisfactory” across the board. Turns out, its easier to do well when you like what you’re doing.

I’ve had a lot of time to ponder and muse the last few weeks, even if I haven’t had a chance to sit at a keyboard and put my thoughts to word. So much has gone down socially, politically, personally, professionally, and just in general that I should have plenty of material to work with for a while, so my updates aren’t simple, dry bits about nothing interesting.

With that said, I’ll end this brief re-introduction and pick up on my reading for a while. Expect something of substance before too long. Hell, if I get bored tonight, I’ll probably hammer out something before I go home at 7am.

If you’ve waited patiently for my return, I appreciate it. If you’d forgotten I existed completely….I can’t blame you!

It is good to be back.


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