30 Hour Day- Courtesy of Etsy

I went for an eye exam the other day. As I wrapped up, I got a text from my wife. “I need more white felt.”
This is not a rare request. For my new readers, my wife runs an etsy shop where she makes stuffed toys, name banners, and the like. Most of her orders are custom jobs, so its impossible to know what someone will order. Which means, every now and then she’ll get an order for something that requires more of a certain color than she has in stock.

So, I go into the store where I get another message. “Never mind. I have enough. I need you home. Now.”

This is where I panic a little.

“Everything okay?”
“Yes, someone just ordered 10 cloud pillows, but they want them over-nighted to NYC…TONIGHT!”

The short story here is that a woman from an upscale event planner in the city reached out to her and asked for the order. Usually, something like this would take weeks to put together. If they were going to get the order, it would have to ship in….two hours. My wife had 4 of the 10 already made an in stock, and was racing to get the rest done and shipped by 5pm. I raced home to help.

We formed a first-ever assembly line with me and the boys, stuffing, sewing, and prepping the order, but to no avail. We weren’t going to make it. There was no way.

My wife was bummed. Not only was the order for several hundred dollars, it was also going- as I mentioned, to a rather prestigious client. She was about to cancel the order when I told her no.

“Finish the order.”
“Finish the order. First, email the lady and ask her if its okay if we hand-deliver the product tomorrow around noon.”
“You heard me. If she agrees, I’ll leave immediately after work. I’ll be there before noon.”

My wife fought me for a while before she realized I wasn’t letting go. For once…I’d win. She emailed the woman, who agreed to the in-person service, and I started to set things up.

The main reason my wife was so adamant that this NOT happen, is that I was working a 12 hour shift that night. I’d work for 12 hours, get home, pick up the box, and make a 5 hour round trip drive to NYC and back.

Well….that’s exactly what happened. I got by with a little help from my friends too. My Lieutenant at work that night supplied me with my first ever AMP energy drink around 5am. I had my first cup of coffee shortly thereafter. I got home just before 8, stuck shoes on the three year old, (my co-pilot for the day) grabbed the box and a few bottles of water….and left within 15 minutes. Two and a half hours later, with only one pit stop for me and the boy, we rolled into West 27th st. I called the number the customer had supplied, and she said she’d meet me at street level so I didn’t have to hunt for parking.

“Okay.” I said. “Red Ford Fusion. Very confused looking guy behind the wheel.”

I rolled up to the address she’d given us, and she flagged me down. I got out, opened the passenger side door, handed her the box, said a few pleasantries, got back in the car….and left again.

Right around 2pm…we got home. I still didn’t go to bed. I napped a little on and off, but didn’t want to screw my schedule up any worse. I limped along for a while, mustered up the energy to put the 3 year old to bed, and we retired at 9pm…and I slept a solid 12 hours, the most I’ve slept in years.

Mission accomplished, with a fun little story to tell as an aside, and even if it doesn’t translate into any further sales for my wife’s shop…I had a great little outing with my son.



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