It’s been a tough week hasn’t it? The news has been a blur of negativity in the wake of the Orlando tragedy. Whereas I used to engage in the post-tragedy debates, I’ve sort of backed away from it now. The bickering between the gun advocates and the gun control advocates seems to detract from the severity of the situation. Turning tragedy into a set of political sound bytes or talking points for your particular agenda seems cheap, disrespectful, and completely worthless in the long run.
Obviously I have my opinions on the matter, but they would amount to nothing more than another handful of manure on the growing pile of stink that arises every time something negative happens. So- screw it. I’m not going to bother. The posts, memes, and debates that have my social media feeds swollen with vitriol go ignored.

Sometimes, when it seems like the world is devolving into absolute shit around me, I look for distractions. I don’t think of it as sticking my head in the sand and ignoring the woes of the world, or even apathy. Rather, sometimes I (we all) need a break from the tears and the fears.

I happened upon such a distraction while conversing with my wife the other day. We were talking about comfort, and out of nowhere, we got to discussing what our “ultimate” comfort situation would be. I’ve worked on mine the last few days, tweaking and changing some of the details, and this little mental project has been a very welcome diversion.

So, without further ado, here is AD’s idea of the ultimate in comfort.

I’m in a hammock stretched between two shady hardwood trees. It is summer. The temperature is somewhere between 75 and 80 degrees, (Fahrenheit) but there’s a regular breeze that blows, keeping it from getting too hot. I am atop a hill overlooking a valley. Nowhere in my sight line is anything at all man-made. No houses. No power lines. No roads, cars, bridges. There aren’t even any contrails from airplanes passing overhead.
I have no idea where my cell phone is, and I have no commitments or appointments or obligations for three days. Next to me is a table with a glass and a pitcher of blackberry lemonade, ice cold. There’s also a massive bowl of dark purple cherries.
I alternate between napping and reading, with the only audible sounds being the breeze and the occasional chirping of the birds in the trees. At some point, my wife joins me in the hammock and we lie and swing. Uninterrupted by emails, text messages, and small children for the better part of an entire day.

This tiny little description has been my ‘happy place’ for the last two or three days as everything transpires. I obviously can’t ignore everything going on around me, but packing myself off to that hammock in the mountains every now and then has helped me keep from completely losing my mind.

So how about it? If you could describe your perfectly comfortable scenario, where are you? What are you doing? Are you inside? Outside? The more detail you put into it, the more fun it is. Try it. Let me know where you’re going to be the most comfortable you’ve ever been.

And don’t be like my incredibly beautiful, incredibly private wife. All I’ve gotten out of her so far on this little exercise is “I have clothes on” and “I’m not on fire.”

Maybe….just maybe, her idea of being incredibly comfortable involves me not being able to find her.

With all that said, be well readers. Keep your chins up. Mourn tragedy appropriately, and please- don’t give into the hatred, either for external forces, or the internal ones that don’t happen to agree with us. Look for the good, look for the helpers, and soldier on.


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