Snippets From the Gym Experience

Well. I went and did. I bought a gym membership. I got a nice little discount for working in Law Enforcement, resulting in a deal I couldn’t pass up. So…I now belong to a local gym.

The time came the other day for my first trip. The Doctor summed it up best.


But I had to. So, I donned workout clothes, and headed off. I got there, and the place was empty. I had the entire gym to myself. Like I said, it’s a local place and rather small. The weight room is modestly sized, and has all kinds of pieces of equipment in it. Some of which I stared at with a blank look, not knowing what the hell they did or how to use them.

Just a few minutes into my routine of moving heavy things around, my trepidation started to fade. Maybe, just MAYBE this wouldn’t be so bad.


On I went, discovering fun new ways to stretch out muscles I’d forgotten I even had. They have an ab-lounger, which makes crunches far less uncomfortable, and in a pinch will be a great place to nap if the need ever arises.

Halfway through my workout, I was gaining momentum. Picking up speed. Breaking a sweat. This was awesome, and I was going to be awesome at it. Did that full length mirror depict me as looking a bit thinner already? It did, I know it did.


Not me- but close. I swear.

I wrapped up my workout, not wanting to overdo things on my first day. I got home and took a shower, feeling genuinely good about myself. I was on to a good thing. I took a small nap, aware that I’d be sore soon from the things I’d done at the gym, but I was ready for it.

Actually. I wasn’t ready for it. At all. By the time I woke up the next morning…


There was literally no part of me that didn’t hurt a little bit. My stomach was killing me (Someone said there were muscles in there?) from the time I spent not napping on the ab-lounger. My arms were in a weakened state from the rower-thingy, my legs….my GOD my legs were on fire from the leg press, nothing didn’t hurt.

I didn’t go back the next day, I had no time. Good thing, because recovery was necessary. I’ll be going back tomorrow, now that I’ve had sufficient time to have my various sinews and bones knit and heal from the abuse I put them through. I’m aware that the soreness is a good thing, and that if I ever expect to gain anything from this, I need to go…and KEEP going. The problem is I know what I’m in for, so now more than ever…



2 thoughts on “Snippets From the Gym Experience

  1. I got a free gym membership through my insurance. I went for an orientation session with a personal trainer. That was over a year ago. I haven’t been back since. They called one day, wanting to set up a session with a personal trainer, but I was having elbow surgery, and would have to wait for that to be over and done with. I think it is for the most part. Am I going to go . . . ?

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