Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Yesterday was ‘National Coffee Day.’…as if I need a specific day to celebrate coffee. 

My wife and I drove The Destroyer to preschool, then looked for a way to kill some time until pickup. 

You see,  we live a full half-hour from  where he goes to school, and his session runs from 8:30  to 11:30. This means that going home is sort of pointless,  since you have no time to get anything done. 

So,  we found a cute little restaurant, I can’t even call it a diner,  its so tiny. Anyway,  we had breakfast,  than cruised some rural back roads with no destination in mind. At the end,  as pickup time drew close,  we stopped as a gas station for coffee. Signs littered the place.  “National Coffee Day! Free 12oz Coffee,  Today Only!” 

“How nice” we thought,  as we filled two 24oz cups,  because when is 12 ounces of coffee ever enough? 

We got to the register where we were waved off by the cashier.  

“I’ve got you. You’re all set.” 

I looked at her.  “These,  these are the big ones.”

“I know.” She replied. “Have a nice day.” 

Heroics can be found even in gas stations in rural NY. 


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