It’s Over. I’m Back.

So if anyone’s still around, I took an extended break from this blog, on purpose this time.
Right around the last time I wrote an update, the U.S. Election was starting to heat up. I took a hiatus because it was way too tempting to come in here and start writing about it.

I even started a few posts that were related to the election and the candidates, but I realized that as a virtual nobody in the world of politics, my voice would be little more than a whisper in a room full of shouting.

I backed out, not wanting to clutter the readers of my blog with yet another politically oriented post.

There was, of course plenty of other things to talk about, but the spectre of politics was always there. Its been hanging over our heads like a storm cloud for months, and I really didn’t want to deal with the temptation of getting into it.

But now its over. Kind of. At least we’re at the point now where we know how it ended. Now we just have to clean up the mess we’ve been making for the last eighteen months. We need to wait a few more weeks for the initial emotional response to fade and we as a nation return to business as usual.

I will say simply this on the matter, than I’m gonna go back to my own ‘business as usual.’

We all have our own opinions on how the election went. We cast our votes, or our non-votes (which is a perfectly legitimate decision if you ask me) and stepped back to see how things shook out. For some, there’s fist-pumping joy. For others, head-hanging despair. For even others still, there’s a tumultuous sense of disbelief at the entire mess that was this cycle.

But the decision has been made. No amount of finger-pointing, or name-calling will change that. Yesterday is over, and how we act TODAY will matter tomorrow to our children. Will your children see you rioting in the streets because you didn’t get your way? Will your children see you handle defeat with grace and a newfound resolve to champion your cause? What lesson will they take when they turn the pages in their history books to see how their parents reacted to such a debacle that was the 2016 election?

As for me, on election night I was at work and an exuberant young student came up to me.

“Sir, can I ask you, who did you vote for?”

I told him a quick story.

When I was a little boy, my father took me to the polling place on election night. I can’t remember if it was a presidential or local election or what. We went into the booth, he pushed a few buttons and pulled a lever. When we came out, I asked him “Daddy, who did you vote for?”
His response was the same one I gave to the student at work. “When you’re in that booth, whomever you vote for is nobody’s business but your own.”

You probably won’t ever know where I landed in this election. You could try to guess, but does it matter? Is it really worth the effort? That’s not why I started this blog. Its not why I became a part of this online community where we share ideas, tell stories, and swap everything from recipes to parenting tips. Yeah, from time to time current events or political issues will become the topic of discussion, but when its this big, I think it should be a private matter and I’m not out to change any minds or influence anyone.

So. Politics be damned. AD is back to blogging.


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