Comin’ Back. 

This morning I found a notification in my phone from WordPress that a reader had found and liked a post of mine from a while back. 

It started me to thinking about how long it’s been since I put anything here. 

Truth is, that I have really been focusing on my job the last few months. If you dig through my old content, you’ll see that a little over a year ago I landed a fantastic job, one that, for the first time since leaving college twelve years ago, I can see myself doing forever. I’m happy, it’s enabling me to support my family, and I work with some amazing people. 

But there was a catch. A small one. I was given an eighteen month probation period. As time went in and I was given more responsibilities and more freedom to do my job without a supervisor evaluating me, the weight of that probation became very heavy. So much is riding on this job, I couldnt afford to mess it up. 

As a result, my primary focus became doing the best job I can, and some smaller things, like this blog, didn’t make their way into my priorities list. 

But, there’s a smidgen of good news on the horizon, which I’ll share in an upcoming post. It could lead me back here with some regularity. 

One of the other reasons I’ve taken a bit of a break, and this one’s been intended – was because the social and political climate of my part of the world has been so caustic that it would have been difficult NOT to touch on it in posts, and I never wanted to do that here. Let’s face it, there’s plenty of unsolicited political commentary in our social media feeds already, the opinions of a thirty-three year old father of two whose biggest claim to fame is not burning the house down when he makes dinner isn’t exactly going to rate as ‘must read’ material. Yeah, I’ll throw up an opinion piece from time to time, but the way everything has been lately, it didn’t seem necessary or constructive to add any gasoline to the flames. 

I know what I think and feel, and am fully aware that this little parenting blog isn’t the platform to share it with the hopes of winning friends and influencing people. 

With that said, even though there are still a lot of concerns, the overall climate of the world around me seems to have become a little more temperate, and I may be able to come up with material without falling into the minefield of politics and social commentary. 

All this said, thanks for sticking around during my absence. Stand by for something worth reading. 

…. Probably.